Monday, March 25, 2013

The Groundhog Was Wrong - WPR Run Update March 27

March is notorious for fickle weather and false start springs. It's not easy to deal with when we are all ramping up our running for the race season, but it no doubt makes us stronger runners. I've been running with you all enough to know that this is nothing but a small hurdle easily cleared. Still, it makes you wish that this article (thanks Julie for making me aware of it) was true so that someone would pay for this weather. Anyway, things should be all clear for Wednesday so I hope you all can make it out. I will not be around again this week, but I left the group in capable hands.

Upcoming Events

Check out the events below. I would love to get more runners to join us for all of these races. TC just reminded me that there are still 2 spots open for the 20in24 team. Email her at stilltc[at] if you are interested. Also, we really need to get the word out for the 26x1 race. I dare say that this is the MOST important race of the year - or at least the most fun - so try to do some recruiting if you can.

Lenape Survival Challenge. April 27. This is a 4.5 mile run followed by 2.5 mile canoe segment. You participate with a partner in teams of 2. Three teams of 2 form a tribe and compete against the reigning champions, Lockheed Martin. I believe in WPR being more bad ass than any Lockheed Martin folks and so I have made it my mission to bring a big team out there and give them a real run for their money :)

26 x 1 Mile Marathon Relay Challenge. May 18. WPR's official race is happening again this Spring. We will race against other local running groups as a team of 26, running 1 mile each for a collective marathon. The race takes place outside the Horticultural Center in beautiful West Fairmount Park (our backyard). We're putting together our team now. Spread the word!!

Oddyssey Half Marathon. June 9. Basically the most fun road half marathon you'll ever do and if we get a team of 20 we'll have a personal beer tent at the finish line! All the details in the FB event. Follow the registration instructions (choose Alon Abramson as the Ambassador that you heard about the race from) and we'll get that beer tent!

20in24. July 20. We're in the process of putting together a WPR team of 5 to do the Silver (2 laps each). Get in touch with TC if you are interested!! stiltc[at]

This Week's Routes (To the Bottle Shop!)

I took these routes from a post in October, figuring the weather would be familiar and maybe it would make you all nostalgic.

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