Monday, March 11, 2013

Daylight Saving Run - WPR Run Update March 13

I'm so excited to meet up with everyone while it's still light out (thanks to DST). Longer days, flowers blooming, and March Madness - it is feeling a lot like Spring.

Paul is forming some plans for a trail run along the Lenape Survival Challenge course in Schwenksville, PA on Saturday March 30 in advance of the race on April 27. He's going to have more details soon, but if you are interested, let him know when you see him on Wednesday or email me and I'll put you in touch.

Sara asked me pass along this message about this year's March Madness pool. Sign up with her and then start flipping coins and throwing darts at the brackets (or make a nerdy - and very unsuccessful - excel sheet, like me).
It's that time of year again - the time of year where anyone can be an expert in the always exciting, never predictable, and frequently frustrating March Madness.
We'll be running a pool again this year.  Know a lot about basketball?  Know nothing about basketball?   Just want to gamble in a semi-organized manner?  This pool is for you.
The details:
  • I'll be the manager for the group.  If you are interested, then send me your email ( I will send you the link to get you started.  We used CBSSports in the past, it worked well.
  • March Madness Starts March 17 (or so the interwebs tells me)
  • Cost will be $5.  Preferred that you pay me before things get too deep, so you can bring me money to WPR, or arrange to get it to me some other way.
  • We'll divide the winnings up into 1st Place, 2nd place, and 3rd place.  1st place will get 50%, Second Place will get 30%, Third Place will get 20%.  
  • Last year we had a fun final game party.  I'm sure someone will step up to offer to do this again.  We'll figure this out as it gets closer.

You're all going down.

There are a bunch of races coming up. They're always listed in the Calendrier Sportif (sports calendar) on the West Philly Runners website. The big races that lots of WPRs are already signed up for are listed in last week's post.

This Week's Routes (to City Tap House!!)

2 Miler

4 Miler

6 Miler

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