Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dock Street Run - WPR Run Update Feb 20

It's time for something new! We're running to Dock Street Brewing Co. this week and we should be getting some sort of drink special and we'll have our own sectioned off space to hang in. Bring IDs!!

A pretty big group of runners is going out to Chilly Cheeks (see below) in Reading, PA on Sunday. If you are interested, there may be space for you to carpool with someone.

Coming Up:

There are a number of races coming up:

Chili Cheeks - February 24
Lenape Survival Challenge - April 27
Broad Street Run - May 5
WPR 26x1 Marathon Relay - May 18
ODDyssey Half Marathon - June 9
20in24 - July 20

Chili Cheeks 7.2 Mile Trail Run. February 24. Hosted by Pretzel City Sports in Reading, PA, this is a super fun "show them how tough you are" kind of trail race. There are whispers of interest from several WPRs who have represented at this race in the last 2 years. Very good chance that there will be a spot for you in a carpool so just let people know that you are interested.

Lenape Survival Challenge. April 27. I love everything about this race: it combines hilly running (this year it's a trail race) with canoeing; pairs you with a partner and forces you to finish your run together (so that you can pile into the canoe together); and let's you compete with a tribe of three or more pairs of runners/canoers to compete with other tribes. This year, I want to get a big group of WPRs to come out and participate. Basically, there's going to be a good crowd of -like-minded West Philly Runners ready to have a great time running and paddling. If you know who your partner is, you should register and list your tribe name as West Philly Runners. If you don't know who you want to partner with, email me and we'll figure it out.

Broad Street Run. May 5. You've probably heard plenty about this one.

26 x 1 Mile Marathon Relay Challenge. May 18. WPR's official race is happening again this Spring. We will race against other local running groups as a team of 26, running 1 mile each for a collective marathon. The race takes place outside the Horticultural Center in beautiful West Fairmount Park (our backyard). We're putting together our team now. Spread the word!!

20in24 Relay. July 20-21. WPR is putting together a team of 5 to run 2 Kelly Drive loops each as part of this year's 20in24 starting at 6pm and going through the night! Anyone interested should let me know right away. This race does involve fundraising as part of registration.

This week's routes (to Dock Street!)

2 Miler

4 Miler

6 Miler

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