Monday, January 28, 2013

February Showers Bring Out Awesome Runners - WPR Update Jan 30

After our astounding turnout last week when it was 20 degrees outside, I don't even know what to expect this week when it'll be 60 and raining. Maybe you're like me and love embracing a wet run where you look for puddles to splash through. No matter what it should be a refreshing break from the deep cold we just came through. I probably don't need to tell you all this, but it will be dark and rainy, so wear some high visibility gear. We'll go to the Local 44 Bottle Shop again to close out the month.

I'm looking for some suggestions of local bars to run to, so shoot me an email or talk to me after the run if you have ideas.

Upcoming Events: 

Details in last week's post.

Chili Cheeks - February 24
ODDyssey Half Marathon - June 9 (when registering indicate that you found out about the race through an Ambassador, Alon Abramson (that's me) to join the WPR team. 20 people on our team and we get a beer tent at the end)
20in24 - July 20

This Week's Routes (Bring Your ID for the Bottle Shop)

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