Monday, December 17, 2012

Last BIG run of the year! WPR Run Update December 19

The holidays are upon us and this Wednesday is our last chance to all run together this year. WPR will be happening next Wednesday (12/26), but so many runners will be traveling that we can only expect a smaller turnout. Let's all get out for one last 2/4/6 miler and a drink (or a few) at Local 44 Bottle Shop as a big group.

Upcoming Events:

Chilly Cheeks 7.2 mile Trail Race. Sunday, February 24. Hosted by Pretzel City Sports in Reading, PA, this is a super fun "show them how tough you are" kind of trail race. There are whispers of interest from several WPRs who have represented at this race in the last 2 years. Very good chance that there will be a spot for you in a carpool so just let people know that you are interested.

Lenape Survival Challenge. Saturday, April 27. Registration for the event is not yet open, but I created my own registration page to get a sense of the interest! My dream is to bring a bunch of WPR teams to compete and (hopefully) win this. The Lenape Survival Challenge is a 4.5 mile trail run followed by 2.5 mile canoe segment. You participate with a partner in teams of 2. If we get at least three teams of 2 together, we can form a tribe and compete against the reigning champions, Lockheed Martin. I believe in WPR being more bad ass than any Lockheed Martin shmoes from the burbs and so I have made it my mission to bring a big team out there and give them a real run for their money :)

Many more events coming up in the Spring. Have anything to share? Let me know!

This Week's Routes (Ending at Local 44 Bottle Shop. MUST HAVE YOU ID TO DRINK OR HANG OUT!!)

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