Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I Heart Spruce Hill - WPR Run Update December 5

Did you know that West Philly is pretty hilly? I try to get us out to run on some of these hills and others are just unavoidable (especially Spruce Hill where we start and end many a run). This week, following a few runner's requests for this sort of run, I've chosen to embrace our frenemy, Spruce Hill and run all over its face.

Upcoming Events

Marcel and Michael's Hosting. December 12. M&M will be hosting during Hanukkah (חנוכה), so expect candle lighting and a distinct lack of bread. As always, hosts love when you bring snacks and beverages (let Marcel, Michael or me know if you want to bring something). They live at the 500 N block of Budd St.

Fishtown Beer Runners Annual Holiday Lights Run. December 13 7pm. This is a great annual tradition, a costume run through South Philly to see all the amazingly overdone lights. Wear your Santa outfit, lights, and bells and meet down at the Broad Street Line AT&T station (Broad & Oregon). Run ends at Sardine Bar for drinks.

Lenape Survival Challenge. April 27. I am announcing this race MUCH too early, because my dream is to bring a bunch of WPR teams to compete and (hopefully) win this. The Lenape Survival Challenge is a 5+ mile run followed by 2.5 mile canoe segment. You participate with a partner in teams of 2. If we get at least three teams of 2 together, we can form a tribe and compete against the reigning champions, Lockheed Martin. I believe in WPR being more bad ass than any Lockheed Martin shmoes from the burbs and so I have made it my mission to bring a big team out there and give them a real run for their money :)

Oddyssey Half Marathon. June 9. Basically the most fun road half marathon you'll ever do and if we get a team of 20 we'll have a personal beer tent at the finish line! All the details in the FB event. Follow the registration instructions (choose Alon Abramson as the Ambassador that you heard about the race from) and we'll get that beer tent!

20in24. July 20. We're in the process of putting together a WPR team of 5 to do the Silver (2 laps each). Details to come.

This Week's Routes

2 Miler

4 Miler

6 Miler

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