Tuesday, May 29, 2012

WPR Run Update May 30

Oh man! It's a 5-Wednesday month so I think that calls for a back-to-back Local 44 Bottle Shop run. PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR ID or they won't let you get any beers and you'll be sad.

ODDyssey Half Marathon was amazing!

I'm so proud of the runners that came out and ran the half marathon on Saturday, getting up and out at 7am to run in the heat and humidity. It was a blast to watch. The pictures say it all and all the pictures are on facebook.

What's Coming Up?

Wissahickon Trail Classic 10K, Saturday 6/2
This is billed as the premier trail race in Philly and I really be they're right. The Wissahickon is beautiful and this race is sure to be a lot of fun. Early registration ends tomorrow, 5/16, so register now. I have already registered.

Penn Alexander 5K, Sunday 6/3
Benefitting the Penn Alexander School, the course is a loop through the University of Penn campus starting & finishing at the Penn Alexander School at 4209 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA. This is a really good race if you want to have a good chance of earning a top finisher metal, since it is mainly Penn Alexander kids and their parents.

West Philly Runners 26 x 1 Mile Relay Challenge. Saturday July 28.
The 1st ever West Philly Runners 26 x 1mile Relay Challenge is happening this summer. Teams (or just our single team) of 26 runners will compete to run their fastest team marathon time. Each team will appoint a designated CHAMPION who will complete the team's final 0.2 miles to make the race an official marathon distance. If you are interested sign up so we can form teams. Spread the word!

The Routes.

2 miler

4 miler

6 miler

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