Monday, May 7, 2012

City Tap House & May's Bike to Run

Though I missed the run, I was awed when I heard all of the runners' stories of the Broad Street Run this year. Everyone came back feeling great and boasting amazing times. Not to mention the pleasant sight of all those West Philly Runners shirts. Speaking of shirts, Julia really wants to unload her stock of shirts so if you ordered a shirt from her, you should come out on Wednesday with $11 and pick up your shirt! Didn't get a shirt? Well don't worry, it sounds like EMS will be carrying them in the West Philly store soon.

So what's coming up you ask? So much running stuff!

Wednesday May 9. WPR Run and drinks at City Tap House.

Thursday May 10. Wissahickon Wanders Spring Trail Race Series. Informal trail races organized by the Wissahickon Wanderers. Meet at Valley Green Inn on Forbidden Drive at 6:30pm sharp. The course for this week has been posted and it looks amazing.

Saturday May 12. Bike to Run. This month we ride down to the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. The ride is 6 miles each way and the run is 3 beautiful miles. More info at the B2R page.

Saturday May 26. ODDyssey Half Marathon. This is a super fun half marathon right here in West Fairmount Park. More info at If you want to sign up, make sure you do it under my name as the Ambassador! We already have a big group of WPRs running (at least 16 or so) if we get a few more folks we will have our own beer tent at the finish line.

This week's routes...

2 Miler

4 Miler

6 Miler

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