Monday, October 31, 2011

One Year Old - Anniversary Celebration

West Philly Runners is turning 1! We have grown from our humble beginnings: Pat and I determinedly going for a run under the banner of West Philly Runners (here's the first ever post). Today we are a group of amazing runners that may have never been brought together otherwise. Each week I meet new runners.

We have run a 200 mile relay together, run through ice and snow, and boiling heat. Some of us have been through tremendous difficulties, major injuries, personal struggles. Unsurprisingly, in a group of runners, I have met so many I consider heroic. On a lighter note, according to my completely arbitrary calculations, we've drank at least 60 gallons of beer collectively (and that's a pretty conservative calculation). Most importantly, we've made all of West Philly our community, crossing invisible boundaries that divide our neighborhoods.

The gods seem to be favoring this landmark occasion with spectacular running weather. This week our runs conclude at Fiume. There we will celebrate with boundless merrymaking. I seriously hope you can join us for this enormous event!

This week's runs (the original 2/4/6 mile loops):

2 Miler

4 Miler

6 Miler

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