Monday, January 31, 2011

February Runnin

February is here! Big races are coming up and I personally am getting really excited about running. It is a shame that Broad Street sold out so quickly, but there is another race, the ODDyssey Half Marathon that is taking place right here in Philly on May 22. As opposed to merely running straight down Broad Street, Oddyssey goes through West Fairmount Park and West River Drive. People come out in costume, beer is drunk and good times had by all according to the website. There are a ton of other races coming up this Spring, too. Make sure to check out the not-at-all-famous-though-it-should-be Calendar of Sport to see what's coming up in the area.

So why am I getting into all of this? Because, besides being a great way to meet folks in the community and drink beers/whiskey, WPR is a great way to train for the upcoming Spring runs. I hope to see you out there. Remember, we run rain or shine, or thundersnow.

This week's runs....

3 mile

6 mile

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