Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birthday Marathon

My friend Erin is currently planning an incredible birthday celebration: a birthday marathon through Philadelphia taking place Christmas Eve morning. I wanted to make this event known to all of you West Philly Runners.  The following is copied from Erin's event announcement.  I will be running the half marathon and I would love for some other West Philly Runners to be out there with me!

Erin’s Birthday Marathon
Friday, December 24, 2010
Start: Lloyd Hall, Philadelphia, PA 8am
Finish: 2518 S Sartain St, Philadelphia, PA 19148

And this year, all I want for my birthday is to have my own marathon. Is that too much to ask? I have taken a cue from Stumpy (of TrailDawgs fame) and planned a Birthday Marathon with the help of several friends. The event is Free and will include a most excellent finisher’s award, as well as a rockin’ good time at the finish line (my house).
The point-to-point course begins at Lloyd Hall on Boathouse Row and includes 26.2 miles (maybe more, but certainly no less) of Forbidden Drive, a certain bridge, and some of my favorite Philly spots. It will be marked with flour and cupcake mile markers at key points. Afraid of the cold? Don’t be a baby! As Loren has pointed out, we only have to run in the snow if it actually snows. This is a rain or shine event that has serious potential to up your running street cred.
There will be 3 alternative aid stations along the way with food and drinks, but pack your own hydration, since they are many miles apart. Those who do not want to run the full marathon are encouraged to run half or part of the course and finish back at the house for the post-run shindig. Half runners can meet us at City Hall (aid station #2) to finish out the course.
Pease RSVP to my email if you are:

  • Running
    • Full Marathon
    • Half Marathon
    • Some other distance
  • Volunteering to work an aid station/cheer
  • Donating food/drinks to said aid stations

Of course, the fine print is that by signing up for the event, you are running at your own risk. I certainly will not be held responsible for any injury or personal issues that arise as a result of your own crazy actions. Bombs away!

Carpooling can be arranged to the start.

A course map can be found here:,-75.241928&spn=0.147572,0.416794&z=12

This is a crazy time of year, but what better way to break up the madness than to spend a great morning with excellent company (and run a few miles, while you’re at it). Hope to see you there!!

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